It has been a pleasure serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives for my constituents of District 15 and for all residents of our great state.  I served on the Education, Judiciary, and Regulations and Administrative Procedures Committee. 


  • Recipient of the 2018 Friend of the Government Accountability Award. This award was given to me for my work on Welfare Reform in H.3833. I was recognized for my commitment to policy reforms that empower Americans through work and reduce dependency.
  • Recipient of The Response: USA Champion of Faith Award
  • Founder of the Mevers Berkeley School of Excellence, first Charter School in Berkeley County, South Carolina.
  • 2013, 2014, and 2015 South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s Business Advocate Award Recipient
  • Rated the #1 Pro Jobs, Industry, and Business legislator in the entire General Assembly by the state’s leading business organizations.
  • Advanced legislation for SC road funding, job creation, and to get our neighbors’ back to work
  • Worked to improve workforce development, including a push for a career pathway initiative that will train and support our students in the state’s emerging industries
  • Rated as the strongest taxpayer advocate from the Lowcountry in the House of Representatives by the taxpayer watchdog group SC Club for Growth for my strong conservative voting record on economic growth issues
  • Worked closely with Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis and former North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey to advance real action in making our communities safer
  • Assistant Majority Whip
  • Member of the Education and Public Works Committee
  • Member of the Berkeley County Legislative Delegation
  • Member of the Charleston County Legislative Delegation
  • Leader in bringing The Medal of Honor Bowl – a national sports program and college all-star football game – to the State of South Carolina
  • Organizer of a A Better Educated America Forum (forum on urban renewal, education and school vouchers) and of The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Forum in Berkeley-Charleston Counties
  • Leader of A Career Educational Forum for high school juniors and seniors
  • Leader in working with educators on the national level to expand school choices for parents: public, charter, private, religious schools
  • Samuel was inducted into The Citadel Military College of S.C. Wall of fame for my outstanding contribution to Educational Policy.
  • Member of the Judiciary Committee, Regulations and Administration Procedures


Economic Opportunity for All

As a Conservative Republican, I believe in basic principles of self-reliance and accountability. We live in the greatest country that has ever existed, and we are free to strive for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With hard work, principled living, and responsibility, anyone can succeed here. Can our government play a role? Absolutely! Our government can promote legislation that nurtures entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity by limiting the amount of regulations placed on thriving South Carolina small businesses and lowering the tax responsibility of business owners so they can invest in job growth. In the State House, I will represent the citizens in my district by always supporting bills and enforcing laws that foster job growth and economic opportunities.


Our children’s education should not be limited to the classroom. Hand in hand with parents at the helm, as Conservatives, we believe that parents and guardians have the greatest responsibility to educate children. We can, however, form alliances within our community to supplement educational opportunities by working with law enforcement agency leaders, school leaders, community organization leaders, and faith based leaders. These alliances should lower taxes due to less duplication of services and will also limit the size of government. South Carolina must set standards that allow every student in the state to master the skills to be competitive, and the state must develop a process for grading the effectiveness of every school. South Carolina should have a work-study college that enables students to graduate debt-free. South Carolina’s charter and magnet schools have successfully integrated themselves into local communities and successfully supplement current education options.  It is imperative that we provide our young people with the quality education they need to compete in the global marketplace. I will work to put the focus back where it belongs—on the students of South Carolina.

Freedom and Personal Liberty

As a Republican, I believe the role of the government is to protect us as citizens and not encroach on our right to live as law-abiding citizens making our own decisions for how we govern our lives. Our government was never meant to be the sole provider for the basic needs of its citizens. With the exception of aiding our most vulnerable citizens, the government should not operate as a business with limitless growth potential funded by us, the taxpayers, with no oversight by us, the taxpayers. A runaway government is just as dangerous as a runaway train without a conductor.


We need to simplify the tax system by both lowering rates and broadening the tax base, so that taxation becomes an instrument for promoting economic growth. I will work to maintain a stable tax structure that allows investors and entrepreneurs to plan ahead without being confronted by a constantly shifting set of rules. South Carolina has an abundance of natural resources, a high quality of life, and a labor environment that provides a competitive and pro-business environment for job creators. Our tax code, however, is decisively anti-business. South Carolina needs a tax code that is fair, efficient, and not a tool for special interests. I believe in the conservative principle that Americans should be able to keep the money they earn. We pay taxes for the operations of government. I will work towards a long term solution to lower and flatten tax rates and reduce the corporate income tax rate.

Right To Bear Arms

The second amendment grants that, “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This right is a fundamental freedom and cornerstone of our democracy. As Americans, we have the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property. Government should never interfere with this right; I will remain steadfast in my commitment to uphold our Second Amendment rights.

First Amendment

Government cannot be allowed to overreach in matters of faith. I will remain steadfast in my commitment to protect and defend traditional religious values.


I believe in traditional marriage, and I absolutely believe in keeping the institution of marriage solely between a man and a woman. We must not allow the government to distort the meaning of marriage, and we must continue to focus on building stronger families across America.

Right to Life

All life is a gift from God and cannot be given nor taken away by government. “God our Creator,” is the source of our rights. I will fight to defend life and religious liberty in America. All life is sacred; I will continue to protect the unborn.

It has been an honor to serve in the South Carolina State House of Representatives. As a leader, I am committed to working towards enhancing the quality of life in South Carolina. My vision is to create an environment that fosters growth, drivers innovation and inspires excellence. I believe in providing ample opportunities to the people of  South Carolina to establish successful businesses, raise happy families and impart quality education to children. Together we can build a brighter future for our state and it's citizens. I am looking forward to the prospect of taking on a more significant role in driving the growth and development of our state in the near future.


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